Kitesurfing in Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful Caribbean island with great conditions for kitesurfing. 

kitesurfing with turtles barbados

Kite Barbados main facts

Main season December-March. You can get good wind at December-mid July
Wind  15knots - 20knots and above at storms. Mainly side on shore from the left.
Kite sizes Bring all your kites. most popular kites 11-12m by a guy,  9m by a girl.
Water Moderate beach break, mainly at high tide, choppy water and reef breaks.
Wave Nice peeling wave break at the reef. 1-1.5m height, can get big depending on swell.
Great for Wave kitesurfing, intermediate level. 
Beginners Not ideal for beginners, due to beach break and chopy water.
Best Hotel Silver point hotel, right at the spot.
Economics On the expensive side.
Night life Very lively full of tourists. Bars restaurants and nightclub at Lawrence Gap.


Kite area and Kite beaches

If you are not after special adventures, we will kitesurf mainly at Silver Rock, and sometimes at long beach. So all the kite area in Barbados are between those 2 spots. 

Silver rock - The main kitesurfing beach

Medium size beautiful sandy beach. Great conditions, choppy and small fun breaks at the entrance and inside, nice moderate to big wave on the reef outside. At high tide, beach breaks are bigger. The beach is quit crowded and has a lot of facilities. 2 kite centers, one right the beach, and to the other you need to walk around Silver Point hotel.

Barbados main kite beach

Silver sand - The rescue kite beach

This is the last beach you can safely get at from Silver Rock, or Long beach. Its small and sandy, and connected by walking path to Silver Rock. Don't go after that beach, because the wind is sheltered in the bay after, and you will have to quit far to be able to reach the beach with you kite in the air.

Long beach - Long wide sandy beach

Long wide sandy beach. No facilities at the beach, you park your car at one of the streets leading to the beach and walk from there. The conditions: beach break, choppy water and wave on the reed around 500m out. When the wind is NE, long beach get better wind then Silver Rock.

Tropical storm at kite spot long beach, Barbados, Caribbean
barbados long beach kite spot

Wind Tide and weather

The wind is side shore to side-onshore, and blows most of the days at season December to March. At April to July, the direction is more on shore.  At April and May you can get some good wind aswell, but its more onshore. Many tropical storms with heavy clouds, strong wind and some rain. The storms are short and the wind can go up to 30-40+ knots. It can be fan with small kite or a windsurf, but you can be blown off as well. The wind is northerly trade wind and blow mainly from the East. wind staticist for Silver rock, main kite beach Barbados, Caribbbiens
wind statistics for main kite beach Barbados, Caribbean


Where to stay ?

Stay near Silver Rock

Best is to stay at the Silver point hotel right at the spot. There are many villas and apartment to rent around, with walking distance to the beach.

Silver Point hotel - 4 star hotel, right at the spot. Around 220$ per double at season.

Round Rock Apartments On Sea - few steps from the beach. Around 110$ at season.

Ocean Spray Beach Apartments - 3 start beach apartment. Around 150$ for stidio at season.

SeaScape Villa - few steps from the kite beach.

Gemini house - rental house, few steps from the kite beach.

Silver sand area has an Hotel, many apartments, and lively pub for launch and early dinner.

Stay near Long Beach

Long beach area has nice apartments and houses for rent, from which you can walk to the beach. Hotels and restaurants, are expensive in Barbados, so renting a villa with friends is a great option for kite surfers. 

SeaView Long Beach Villa

Luxurious beautiful villa for up to 8 people, to rent for your kite or windsurfing vacation.

The Villa has sea views, and is located at walking distance from long beach kite spot. Air-condition. The is suitable for 6people, having 3 Bedroom 2 bathrooms, 3 Toilet, Dining-Room, Kitchen , and a Living room. A separate annex unit, with one bedroom studio, can hous 2 more people. The villa has private swimming pool,  Air-condition, fully equipped kitchen,  and security system. The rate includes, fast free WiFi, 3h daily cleaning, laundry service, drinking water, beach towels and daily linen replacement.Airport transfer, vehicle rental and babysitter services, can be arrange at extra cost.  Kite review: A purpose built guest shed, for gear storage that can contain up to 8 surf boards. 3-5 minutes walk to long beach, kite spot. Wide sandy beach with side on-shore wind.

Contact: +44 2380970699

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Your zone is mainly between Silver rock beach and Oistinis for shopping, fish market, and simple dining. The larger are includes Long beach and Lawrence Gap for bars nightclubs and restaurants.

Blue bas - Covers the main spots, buses are marked with number. Easy to use, mainly at day light.

Taxi's - Easy to find, a bit expensive. around 15$ from Silver Rock to Lawrence Gap.

Car - Is a handy if you are staying at the spot.

How to fly to Barbados ?

Flights to Barbados From US and Canada

There are few flights a week to Barbados from JFK New-York.

JetBlue - Airline that has a lot of flights to the Caribbean. Nice comfortable airplanes and lovely service. Many delays at season, so check before you leave the hotel at the JetBlue website.

Flights to Barbados From Europe

Virgin - comfortable flights, with uncomfortable time schedule. Few weekly flights from London, that depart early morning, and come back early morning as well. So usually if you connect in London, you need to spend a night an the way there and few good hours on the way back.

You can fly via New-York, but mind that the connection is tedious and long ! It can easily take more then 2 hours. You basically need to check out and check in again. If you bought a connecting ticket, your airline will help you to check in your gear.

The airport

Small and comfortable. At season there are many delays and a lot of crowed. recommendation is to spent the time out of secured area, there are few nice places to seat. Another option is the launch upstairs, you pay around 25$ and get drinks, snacks and WiFi.

Practical information


No Vaccination in needed for Barbados and you can drink tap water. If you get injured, take a car or a taxi to a private clinch. Elcourt Clinic at the main road in Ostins is a good choice. Elcourt clinic: Oistins


Just bring US Dollars, they are accepted everywhere at good changing rate. Cash machines can be found at the commercial areas as Ostinis and Lawrence Gap. Kitesurfing traveler guide. © All rights reserved.