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Wind for kite
in North Brazil

In north Brazil, (Ceara and Piui) the huge warm sand dunes by the kite beach, enhance the side shore wind to and creates strong stady wind, perfect for kite. Those dunes also creates the sandy beaches, and slow down the development of roads and setelments by the beach. All this creates kite paradisw.

The Wind gets stronger when you go downwind, because the area become warmer and drier. At Cumbuco, the wind blows constantly at season at 18-24 knots. As you go down-wind (north-west), the wind get stronger, and blows at Prea and Jericoacoara at around 28-34 knots. 


Wind statistics for Cumbuco Brazil

wind statistics Cumbuco brazil


Brazil - Wind forecast

for main Kite area

In the dry season, when the sky is clear and no rain insight, the wind in Ceara, from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara is blowing. So when you look at the forecast, look at the cloud cover, and perception forecast. Clear sky, or just some high clouds, predicts a constant wind and a great kite-surfing day. The wind in Ceara, gets stronger when you go northwest. This is caused by the local thermic effect caused by the huge warm dunes. This effect not always shown in the forecast maps, so in a constant day, the wind gets stronger from Cumbuco, via Taiba, Flexeiras and Ilha do Guajiru to Prea and Jericoacoara.

Cumbuco and Jericoacoara - Wind forecast for great kite-surfing




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