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Kitesurf Downwind Trips

Brazil is kite paradise: Wind every day, Sandy beach's, Warm whether and  great people. Flat kiteboarding lagoons and the great downwind kitesurf trips.

First kite vacation in Brazil?

Suggested Kite trip Cumbuco Hotels & Apartments
kite girl at Cauipe lagoon, Cumbuco Brazil
kite girl cauipe lagoon cumbuco brazil


Main kite spots at North Brazil

North Brazil Kite spots

Kite Lagoons: Cauipe at Cumbuco, Ilha do Guajiru, Barra Grande.
Kite-wave Taiba, Paracuru, Lagoinha, Guajiru and Cumbuco area.
Kite Beginners Uruau, Barra Nova, Cumbuco, Paracuru and Barra Grande.
Uncrowded Kite: Uruau, Lagoinha, Guajiru and Barra Grande.
Kitesurfers Night: Cumbuco, Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada.
Kite Families: Cumbuco, Jericoacoara.
Kite Girls: Cumbuco, Jericoacoara. and Paracuru

Main kitesurfing and kiteboarding  area is between the two popular kite villages, Cumbuco and Jericoacoara, and you can kitesurf downwind, all the way in a few days trip. Cumbuco  the kite capital, located 40 kilometers from Fortaleza and Jericoacoara is 250km from Cumbuco.    

Brazil - Main Kite spots map

brazil kite spots cumbuco paracuru jericoacoara atins View Brazil Main Kite Beaches in a larger map

Cumbuco to Flexeiras,

Ideal kite conditions

In this area you have meduim size kite lagoons and best kite wave spots. Kite spots in this area are: Cumbuco, kite capital. with small lagoon and the the most powerful wave in Ceara. Paracuru, the best spot, with flat sea lagoon and great reef break outside. Lagoinha, the beautiful spot with nice waves and lagoons  Guajiru has fun waves nice lagoons  and Flexeiras has river delta.

Kiteboarding Cauipe Lagoon, Cumbuco Brazil
kiteboarding cauipe lagoon cumbuco brazil 0104
Photo by @Hilla Ost

The wind is perfect, every day from August till December around 20-26 knots. Most beaches are wide and sandy. Wind direction is perfect, side shore to side onshore. Conditions at the ocean, are chope during low Tide, with bigger waves and beach breaks, at high tide. You can  have a downwind kite trip all the way from Cumbuco to Flexeiras, stopping for a night or a few, at kite spots on the way.  

Icaraizinho to Jericoacoara

Kite at  Strong wind

Icaraizinho the rustic village.  Ilha do Guajiru the huge tidal lagoonPrea and Jericoacoara has great night life and super strong wind and Barra Grande with its flat shallow sea lagoons. The wind is strong and constant. It blows around 26-32 knots. The season is longer, and kite surfing day is longer. Prea near Jericoacoara is great place to experience kite surfing in strong wind conditions due to its wide, clear sandy beaches and a side shore wind direction.

Long downwind kite trips in this area are challenging due to wind gusts and direction or  reef areas along the beach. Lovely short downwind kite trips are plenty here, like the sunset downwind kite trip from Prea to Jericoacoara. Flat water lovers will enjoy in the huge tidal lagoons in Ilha do Guajiru and Barra Grande. Wave riders can have fun in Prea, if they have a 7sqm kite or smaller.

Kite-boarding at the Secret Spot in Ilha do Guajiru
IMG 1749 amit ilha BA2


Kite south of Fortaleza

Crowd less kite Lagoons

This kite area includes the spots: Barra nova, Uruau and the beautiful Canoa Quebrada. The wind south of Fortaleza is less consistent and less strong then Cumbuco area. The wind blows around 14-22 knots, mainly from side shore to side on shore direction. South Ceara has more vegetation and rivers, a fact that weakens the wind, but creates great river mouth spots, and many freshwater crowd less lagoons. 

Canoa quebrada, Brazil -  kitesurfing bay
Canoa quebrada, Brazil - kitesurfing bay

Downwind Kitesurfing trips

in North Brazil

The best thing about kitesurfing in north Brazil, is the downwind kitesurfing trip. The Idea is to kite downwind along the beach, from one kite village to the other. You kite along the cost line, stopping at lagoons, wave spots, rivers and stay each night at a different kite village. You can join an organized kitesurfing trip with an escorting car and a kitesurfing guide or you can organize your own downwind kite trip. You can do downwind kitesurfing trips south to Fortaleza, and enjoy many flat water lagoons, and you do the downwind kitesurfing trip from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande and enjoy super strong wind and beautiful flat water spots. The most popular kitesurfing downwind trip, is Cumbuco to Jericoacoara.

Kitesurfing trip in Jericoacoara area, crossing Camocim river
kitesurfing trip with offroad pickup in ericoacoara area



Downwind Kite trips Cumbuco to Jericoacoara

The Most popular downwind kitesurfing trip, is Cumbuco to Jericoacoara. Villages are spread nicely along the cost, so you can stay every night at different kite spot, and  continue kiting in the morning to the next kite spot. If you want to kite all the way, you need at least 5 days of kiting. Some parts are more relaxed, and some are more challenging.  In general, downwind trips are more relaxed during low tide, rocks and reefs are visible and can be easily avoided, and the sea conditions are flatter. In Ilha do Guajiru area, kitesurfing is hard to impossible at low tide, because the sea is very shallow.

Escape kite center, organize downwind kite trips from Lagoinha to Jericoacoara, and in Uruau, Barra Nova area.

Following is a description an option for a kitesurfing trip. 

Day 1 Cumbuco - Paracuru, 45 km. First part from Cumbuco to Taiba (25 km) is challenging and unsafe since the part from Pecem, is side-offshore wind with strong currents. recommendation is to start from Taiba. Taiba has wavy bay, with powerful beach break. You can start from the Taiba lagoon area, wind is changing to side-onshore, and the waves are softer from there. Careful, at low tide, some reefs after the lagoon, can be very shallow. After 2 hours of relaxed kitesurfing, we reach Paracuru, the amazing kite spot. Shower and great beach restaurant makes kisurfing here very enjoyable. 

Day 2 Paracuru – Guajiru / Flexeiras 45-50 km. You can kite straight from Paracuru, but better do it with a guide. At some parts the beach ia wind sheltered and you need to stay far outside. Also a car can not drive on the beach, because of rio Curu. Another option is to start after Paracuru, but anyway, a car can not follow you until Lagoinha. From Lagoinha, there are nice wave and lagoon. After nice wave kitesurfing, we reach  Guagiru village. Another option is to continue 6 km and reach Flexeiras, also lovely village to stay at.

Day 3 Guajiru / Flexeiras - Icaraizinho, 45-50 km Long downwind of choppy to flat water, and some waves for kitesurfing. Around afternoon we will reach Icarai de Amontada, nice village named Icaraizinho. 

Day 4 Icaraizinho - Ilha do Guajiru 35 km Relaxed no wave day. With flat water in Ilha do Guajiru lagoon. This part is hard to impossible at low tide, so plan well. To enter the lagoon it is safer from the upwind side, and meet your car downwind from the main kite beach. Another option is to continue around 15 km downwind to Pousada Das Canoas, with is the only place to stay at the beach in this part.

Day 5 Ilha do Guajiru – Jericoacoara / Prea 65 / 55 Km One option is to stay the day kiteboarding in the lagoon, and drive to Prea (1.5 hours) in the afternoon. The other option is to kite downwind to Prea ot Jericoacoara. This part is deserted, with unaccessible beaches due to mangroves. Here you need to carry water and a kite guide. The highlight here is the sunset downwind kite trip from Prea to Jericoacoara sunset dune.

Lost in details, start here: suggested Basic Kite trip, that routs you through the hottest kite spots in North Brazil and the best downwind kite trips. Kitesurfing traveler guide. © All rights reserved.