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All the infoermation for your kite trip to Brazil. Season, what to bring, etc.

Kite Season in North Brazil 

The main kite season is August to December. The wind is super consistent and you can expect to kite every day.  January July and June, can be quite good especially up north. February to May is the rain season, so you can expect 50% of windy days with lighter wind.

Weather on kite

vacation in North Brazil

Pleasant warm weather all year. Air temperature of 25-30°C and water usually between 25-27° C.

Kite gear

in north Brazil

Kite size's for kiteboarding in North Brazil

As a general rule the wind blows stronger and more reliable  up the cost. Thus a kite size 9m is the most popular in Cumbuco, and size 7-9m at Taiba, Paracuru, Lagoinha and Flexeiras,  whereas in Jericoacoara and Prea, size 5-7m is ideal. In Barra Grande, you can expect wind similar to Cumbuco, so size 9m is ideal.

If you want to ride early morning, and have sunset sessions, kite size 10-12 can be useful.

At spots south of Fortaleza like Uruau, Barra Nova, Canoa Quebrada and Parajuru (not to confuse with Paracuru)  you will need bigger kites up to 12-14m, to kitesurf in the sea. 9-10m kite size, will be good for kiteboarding in the lagoons south of Fortaleza.

In General, Go-kite.com recommendation is : Bring all your kites !

Kite gear rental in North Brazil

In General, Kite schools in North Brazil, rent kite equipment. Most kite schools will rent you equipment you can use in front of the club, or at organized trips of the club. Renting equipment for downwind trips, can be difficult. If you want to rent equipment, you better write to the kite schools at your destination spot, to check prices and type of equipment, before you go. Most kite schools operate from hotels and pousadas at the kite spots, so they are listed at the hotel / pousadas section of each spot. Your best chance to find kite for rent is in Cumbuco, Paracuru, Ilha do Guajiru and Jericoacoara.

Kite gear buying and selling

Kite gear is expensive in Brazil due to high import tax. Surf boards for kitesurfing, can be found at reasonable prices at local shapers shops, mainly in Cumbuco. You can buy used equipment at local kite schools, or from other kitesurfers. If you have kite gear at good shape from known brands, you can sell it in quit good prices, to local kite schools or other kitesurfers, mainly in Cumbuco. 

Beginners kitesurfing

in North Brazil

Brazil is great for beginners. Consistent wind, wide sandy beaches, can make a beginner up and running in a week. Good idea for beginners is to choose a spots with a kite club. Most kite clubs have supervision and kite landing / launching service, which is great for everybody. Good kite spots for beginners are Uruau, Barra Nova, Cumbuco and Barra Grande. In Uruau and Barra Nova area there are many crowd less flat shallow lagoons,  few kite clubs and the wind is lighter then Cumbuco and north Ceara. In Cumbuco there are a lot of kite clubs and the famous Cauipe lagoon. In Barra Grande, the sand bars in the sea creates huge flat shallow lagoon. Its never crowded in Barra Grande, and the wind is lighter then in Jericoacoara.

Rules and Regulations

for kite in North Brazil

In Brazil local riders are hospitable and helpful, and you always get help in peeling your kite of a reef, or in removing it of a coconut palm. There are not a lot of rules and regulations,  and usually no rescue service. Its basically build on mutual aid and respect. So join the atmosphere, respect the hard working fisherman, respect the wave surfers (many of which are children), respect the weekend swimmers, respect and watch out for other kitresurfers and don't drive your buggy, on a populated beach.

General Gear  for kite trip

in North Brazil

The Sun is strong, high sun protection(30spa and up), sun glasses, hat, and a surfing shirt, is a must. Usual sun protections can be found in local supermarkets and drugstores, but the special surfing brands, not sold here. Hats and  sunglasses are sold here, look for the surfing types in the kitesurf/surf shops.

Clothing is minimal, during the day surfing clothes is all you need, and in the evening, jeans, sweatshirt and flip flops. For party in Fortaleza, bring normal shoes if you want to enter normal places. 

Money in North Brazil

Outside of Fortaleza it's difficult to get cash money, so its advisable to get Brazilien Reais       at Fortaleza airport, or your home airport. In Fortaleza airport you can change money or use the cash machines upstairs (usually better rate)  .

Many hotels and pousadas accepts credit card (for around 5% commission). Cash machine can be found in the following places, preferred bank machines, because in the private ones, credit data can get  stolen:

Cumbuco has 2 non-bank cash machines, in the center and at the gas station.

Pecem (40 minutes from Cumbuco and Taiba) has bank machine.

Jijoca, one hour of drive from Jericoacoara.

Credit card frauds are very common in Brazil, so announce you credit card company about going to Brazil, and if you can, check your bills authentication.

Documents and Visas

in North Brazil

It is advised to travel with a passport or a copy of it with the entrance stamp to Brazil. Make sure you have lat east 6 valid months left in you passport.

Visa for Brazil

European, Israelis and most other countries, don't need a visa to enter brazil. USA, Canada, New-Zealand and Australia visitors, you will need a visa to enter Brazil. Visa can be obtained directly from the closest Brazilian Embassy or Consulate, either via mail or personally (usually faster), and it is valid for 5 years.

Traveler visa you get when you enter Brazil is valid for 60 or 90 days.

Health and Vaccinations

in North Brazil 

No particular vaccinations are required  for Ceara.

You can ask you hotel to order a doctor for you, at Cumbuco, contact Eco Paradise, they have a doctors list.

There is a big Hospital in Fortaleza, with functioning orthopedic department. If you are unlucky and get there, a companion speaking Portuguese will be a great help.

Animals at Kite spots

in North Brazil

No dangerous animals we know of in Ceara's land or water. Small purple jelly fish go downwind with their sail, but they are quit rare and they don't sting.

Jellyfish in North Brazil and a lizard from Barra Grande

jellyfish common in kite spots in north brazil lizard in barra grande brazil

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